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Eolic energy

By Diego Rodríguez Molina

The final stage of installing a large area of wind generators on the Isla de la Juventud in southwestern Cuba is near completion.

"The alternative energy source is part of the islands Energy Revolution," explained Yadira Garcia Vera, minister of Basic Industry, during a tour of the project site. Garcias ministry is charged with electricity generation for the island.

Garcia spoke with workers in charge of erecting the 55-meter-high generators built with French technology. Unlike earlier models, these generators can be dismounted in case of an approaching hurricane.

The Isla de la Juventud was selected for the project because of its continuous winds. The system hopes to generate 1,650 KW of electricity.

Garcia spoke about other efforts on the Isle of Youth to create renewable energy sources including the use of forest biomass. She also cited a slight decrease in electricity consumption despite the distribution of new home appliances including electric stoves to many residents. In the nationwide program, old energy-guzzling fans, refrigerators and air conditioners are also being replaced with newer more efficient models.

Source: Granma


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