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Genetics Engineering and Biotechnology Center
A bio reactive strip to detect pregnancy and cysts early, developed by CIGB (Genetics Engineering and Biotechnology Center) of Sancti Spiritus, is being tested in that central Cuban province.

The reactive strip Heber FastLine Embarazo (pregnancy) is being applied for local women who seek menstrual regulation, with 99.8 percent sensitivity.

Not only to detect pregnancy, this procedure could also be related to infertility, under fertility due to chronic infections, uterine traumas, bleeding, or other kinds of anomalies.

The method was standardized over five years ago, registered by the State Center for Medicine Control, and achieved with reagents designed in the province.

The first morning urination allows greatest efficiency to detect pregnancy, cysts or ectopic pregnancy early, without unpleasant methods.

This way, timely medical assistance is possible, whether to interrupt undesired pregnancy or eliminate the other problems mentioned above.

The CIGB and other institutions of the province are researching "Impact of the use of Heber FastLine Embarazo" in family planning doctors offices.

During the initial tests, 430 cases were analyzed in consultations, and 43 percent turned out negative, which means the patient did not have to undergo menstrual regulation.

Source: Prensa Latina

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