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Pascual Serrano
Cuba's Jose Marti Publishing House has launched the book "Juego Sucio", (Foul play) by Spanish journalist Pascual Serrano. The writer denounces through examples the deceptive practice of information manipulation by the Western media in the name of such sacred principles as freedom of the press, freedom of speech and journalistic objectivity.

The book is made up of a collection of articles published daily by Serrano in his column Perlas informativas, posted on the Spanish language website Each piece is accompanied by comments revealing the truth --often the complete opposite of what is expressed and disseminated daily by the media powerhouses, international TV transnationals or the daily newspapers from Europe and the United States.

The edition includes examples of the deceptive practice of information manipulation along with Serrano's observations on such issues as democracy and human rights, racism, immigration, freedom of speech, and about the daily realities of Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and Europe.

The book also includes a section dedicated to the lies published about Cuba and Venezuela.

A case in point: "In a previous article of mine on Cabrera Infante, I mentioned that none of the anti-Castroites who denounce the persecution of Cubans who read books by that author, or any other not liked by the government, mentioned the law or government regulation that established this prosecution. Nor have they brought up any concrete case with first and last names and dates of police action. I challenged them to send me
such information. Nobody ever produced the information I asked for.

"On the other hand, if anybody asked those who criticized Spain under Franco or Pinochet's Chile to come up with that sort of information, he or she would be flooded with thousands of examples. That is the difference between accusing with truth and accusing with lies."

Source: Radio Habana Cuba

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