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The worlds first instructional DVD on non-intrusive paediatric surgery demonstrates the work done in this surgical specialty at Havanas William Soler Paediatric Hospital, the most important facility of its type in the country.

"It is a valuable and useful teaching-learning method for young doctors, because in it they can perfectly view the operating techniques used," said consultant PedroVilorio Varela, who participated in the DVDs production.

The recording is made up of two DVD discs which summarize more than 1,500 non-intrusive surgeries performed on a similar number of children from 1993 to 2005. The surgeries can be seen in mobile color images, with detailed explanations of the organs and the surgical techniques employed.

"It shows surgeries performed on newborn babies, gynaecologic surgery, operations on tumours and traumas, those on thorax pathologies (lung tumours and biopsies) and surgeries related to other conditions," said Dr. Vilorio.

Edited by CITMATEL, a Cuban information and telecommunications provider, the DVD also has descriptions of surgeries of digestive and urologic congenital malformations.

The recording is being distributed to paediatric surgeons throughout all provinces of the country, and is on sell by CITMATEL.

Source: Juventud Rebelde

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