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The experiences of Cuban specialists applied in the programs of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization is one of the island's contributions in the fight against hunger. José Quintero, from the Ministry of Foreign Investment and Economic Cooperation and national coordinator of the campaign for World Food Day, pointed out that currently these technicians successfully develop their work in nine Caribbean nations.

Belize is benefiting from the three party agreement with the Food and Agriculture Organization and Cuba in the transference of direct knowledge to private and community producers.

FAO's representative in Cuba, Francisco Arias Milla, said that the international institution is now undergoing changes due to the reduction of the dues of each member nation.

"A five percent reduction in malnutrition equals a 20 percent decrease of poverty," according to Myrta Kaulard, representative of the FAO based on a study of the institution. She outlined that this proportion is the current guideline in the battle against poverty in order to eradicate malnutrition through a strong investment in food security and sustainability.

Cuban activities commemorating World Food Day began on Monday and will be extended until October 16th, to celebrate the 61st anniversary of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

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