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Havana bay

Cuba's Working Group for Havana Bay (GTE-BH) will hold an international workshop for the treatment of wastes in 2007, it was announced on Tuesday.

At the workshop, Cubans involved in the project will exchange experiences with foreign experts about the future of the sea floor, the last stage in the cleanup.

The Havana bay bed as some six million cubic meters of heavy metals, Granma daily reported.

The GTE-BH is seeking solutions, viable environmentally and economically, to extract the solid waste and put them somewhere that will not continue the pollutant chain.

The cleanup of Havana Bay and its tributary basin began in 1998 and there has been a notable recovery of marine biodiversity.

Santiago Reyes, GTE-BH vice president, said pollutants have decreased 50 to 60 percent.

Source: Prensa Latina

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