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The hurricane Dennis ravaged the greenhouses of the Cuban citrus company Victoria de Girón from Matanzas. Of the 150 greenhouses, only 15 were still standing after the storm. Lead by engineer Gilberto Medina a team of construction workers started the repair works to get 100 greenhouses operational again. Shortly after the hurricane one tried do collect as much of the usable materials from the rubbish, to recycle them with the reconstruction. Meanwhile the greenhouses have been rebuilt, without purchases of new materials.

Roger Delgado, director of the company, is optimistic and expects that 3000 MT of tomatoes, capsicum, cucumber and melons will be produced this year already. When the arrival of another hurricane is anticipated, teams will be alarmed to dismantle the coverings of the greenhouse and only leave the metal frame, to prevent damages to the extent of the last hurricane.

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