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Premio Casa de las Américas
With over 400 written works from 18 countries competing in five genres, the 48th Casa de las Americas Literature Award, one of the most prestigious in Latin America, began on Tuesday.

Writer Jorge Fornet, official of Casa, told Prensa Latina that for the first time in the history of the award a stage actor, Colombian intellectual Santiago Garcia founder of La Candelaria Theater Company, will give the opening speech at the ceremony.

The Casa de Las Americas award will be announced on January 25 in central Cienfuegos Province, where the jury will choose the winners in the novel, essay, theater, testimonial literature, and Brazilian literature categories.

The novel judges are Fernando Baez (Venezuela), Fernando Contreras (Costa Rica), Poli Delano (Chile), Cristina Rivera Garza (Mexico), and Jorge Angel Perez (Cuba).

Victor Barrera (Mexico), Claudia Gilman (Argentina), and Victor Fowler (Cuba) will judge the essays.

Reynaldo Disla (Dominican Republic), Jorge Dubatti (Argentina), Ramon Griffero (Chile), Hugo Salcedo (Mexico), and Carlos Celdran (Cuba) will choose the winner in theater.

The tribunal for testimonial literature will be composed of Manuel Cabieses (Chile), Jose Alejandro Castaño Hoyos (Colombia), and Daisy Rubiera (Cuba).

The jury for Brazilian literature will be Joao Cezar de Castro Rocha, Ivan Junqueira, and Luis Ruffato.

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