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The movable radar M-1, developed by Cuban specialists, and intended to take control of the air traffic in Camagüey, has saved the country around half a million dollars after having worked efficiently for three years.

During this time the quality of this device has been put to test, revealing the excellent job done by the civil and electrical engineers, the maintenance technicians and installers, the OS programmers and other experts of Cubas Company of Aeronautical Services involved in this project.

One of its inventors, PMD in Electronics and researcher Oscar Perez Alvarez, explained to Granma newspaper that the device is constructed on the basis of the Russian-made Korien radar, of a previous technological generation.

The M-1 is also based on an information processing system of radars of the highest and newest technology.

Its mission is to establish a secure line of communication with the aircrafts to determine location, identify the airplanes and know other parameters that allow the air traffic controller does his job well.

Pérez Álvarez praised the mobility of the M-1 like one of its strengths, because it makes possible to change the configuration of the covering of certain region within the country to provide services to any airport, and permits a speedy movement of the equipment in case of a meteorological contingence.

Source: Radio Cadena Agramonte

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