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  • 11 / 25 / 2006

Volleyball World Championship
The Bulgarian volleyball "angels" won a crushing 3-0 victory over the team of Cuba at the World Championship in Japan.

This is the 6th victory of the Bulgarian national volleyball team in a row.

This has been the best start in Bulgaria's volleyball history since the 1970 championship in Sofia.

Martin Stoev's company has made a further step towards the semi-finals where Bulgarian volleyball players have not set feet since 1986 in Paris.

At the moment the Bulgarian volleyball team tops Group F and cannot be ousted from their position because all the other teams have at least one loss in the first stage.

The Bulgarians won thanks to their perfect play in defence. Their wide experience also helped them keep their heads cool and their spirit high.

Bulgaria's side has already trampled over Italy, the US, Venezuela, Iran and the Czech Republic to reach the top place in their group.

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