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Living and investing in Cuba

All of us, at one time or another has imagined leaving the rat race, saying to hell with everything and realizing our dreams by moving to our own paradise. Whether you are of retirement age, a burned out baby boomer, or perpetual traveler, this book should provide you with food for thought and sufficient information to start you on the journey to beginning a new life in Cuba.
For over 40 years Cuba has been isolated from the mainstream of the world while trying to live the socialist dream. The world has changed and so has Cuba. Now is the moment to come and explore the country that has so much to offer.

Whether you are someone interested in wintering or just want to live part or full- time in Cuba or a savvy entrepreneur, this guidebook will help you. It paints a realistic picture of living in a Latin American country and tells you how to deal with the many challenges you will inevitably have to confront. This guide offers assistance to anyone seeking a safe, affordable placeto live abroad. It contains all of the ins and outs, dos and don'ts, rules of thumb, secret insider information and invaluable data about all aspects of living in Cuba. It shows you how to stay busy, where to reside, how to learn Spanish, where to find companionship.

It provides you with novel, sure fire ideas for starting businesses and, best of all, gives you a head startbefore you even move to Cuba. The country offers something for every imaginable taste and lifestyle. Trends Magazine predicted that Cuba would someday become the baby boomer's retirement haven of the future.

A June 1998 issue of the Miami Herald stated, "A mass new migration of retirees will start to settle abroad, lured by the low cost of living to stretch their shrinking pensions, reasonable health costs and warm weather. Cuba will be the hottest destination due to its proximity to the United States and the relative lack of industrialization."

The guide published by Expats Ebooks Corporation is on sale at

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