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International Book Fair
Boloña Publishing House, from the Historian Office of the City, will be presenting its most recent books at the 16th Havana's International Book Fair, that will take place from February 8th-18th at San Carlos de la Cabaña Fortress. The presentations will be held at the Boloñas stand , at 3 in the afternoon.

The Fair will open with "Five Greek poems", by Roberto Fernández Retamar, that the readers will have the opportunity to buy on February 10th. The book, of Cornucopia Collection, was designed by Nestor Marti. It presents a preliminary study made by Elina Miranda Cancela, that reveals the influence of the unavoidable Hellenic culture on Literature.

On February 11th, Lisandro Otero, National Literature Award, will present the re-issue of "Pasion de Urbino" -Urbino's Passion. Another of Boloña's attraction programmed for February 13th is "La Calavera de Cristal" -The glass skull-, by Orlando Hechavarría. This book, of La Moderna Poesia Collection has as main gist, the taking of Havana by the English, in 1762, where the real and fictitious stories and characters of the novel mix up. The author inserts us into an aesthetic game of sword and espionage...Its a convincing thriller, where the betrayals and past wars don't care at all.

"Manejo y gestion de centros historicos" -Management and administration of historical sites-, by a group of authors, is a compilation of lectures taught at the international encounters of the same name, organized by the Historian Office of the City during 2003 and 2004. The last issue of the Archaeology Bureaus bulletin offers some articles dealing with the historical Archaeology in the Caribbean Islands with diverse cultures. Also, "Mayólicas de alcora in Havana during the 18th Century; the urban growth at Veracruz, among others.

The Historian Office Publishing House will close with: Colonial Cuba: its music, composers and interpreters, by Zoila Lapique; and History of the Catholic Church in Cuba, by Eduardo Torres-Cuevas and Edelberto Leiva.

On February 15th, at 3 PM, Eusebio Leal, Historian of the City, will present the book "De la historia y de la memoria" -From History and Memory-, written by Lionel Soto and published by SI-MAR, at the Museum of the City.

• Book Presentations at the Boloña's stand, 3 PM:

- Saturday, February 10th: Five Greek poems, by Roberto Fernández Retamar
- Sunday, February 11th: Urbino's Passion, by Lisandro Otero
- Tuesday, February 13th: The glass skull, by Orlando Hechavarria
- Wednesday, February 14th: Management and administration of historical sites, by a group of authors
- Friday, February 16th: Colonial Cuba: its music, composers and interpreters, by Zoila Lapique
- Saturday, February 17th: History of the Catholic Church in Cuba, by Eduardo Torres-Cuevas and Edelberto Leiva

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