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Better ecosystem in Caguanes National Park

Caguanes National Park
03 / 08 / 2007

By Oscar Alfonso Sosa

Caguanes National Park (PNC), one of Cubas most important marhlands, is back to normality. Endemic and migratory aquatic birds which had almost disappeared from Buenavista bay, in the north district of Yaguajay, can be seen again flying over the lagoons and catching fishes.

The PNCs specialists interviewed by Escambray affirmed that contamination on the area is lesser after three nearby sugar mills were shut, thus improving the oxygen levels of the water, a very favourable element for the marine habitat.

Several birds have been seen building nests in Cayo Lucas (Key Lucas) and experts think it might be associated with the possible reproduction of endemic species or those that are used to migrate to this already considered RANSAR site.

This marshy-soil location is a significant biosphere reservation where 112 species of birds have been quantified, mainly spoonbills, flamingos, pelicans and many migratory and sedentary goose-like birds.

Source: Escambray

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