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Argentina will honor the 16th International Book Fair of Havana with a strong and diverse presence from February 8-18.

Guillermo Moranchel, national director of Accion Federal e Industrias Culturales, of Argentina, said the goal is to stress culture as a mobilizing force.

The delegation involves 27 fine arts artists, rock musicians, actress Graciela Dufau, pianist Miguel Angel Estrella, along with other musicians and the National Symphonic Orchestra.

The groups involves the children s theater company El Globo, and will display Argentinean films from 2005 and 2006 at Riviera and Chaplin movie theaters.

Cubans will also enjoy the program La Musica de Todos, with Argentinean ethnic music and Musica en Las Fabricas, played at industries recovered by workers.

Argentina will also bring children s book with five anthologies of short stories, poems, the lyrics of tango, folklore and rock music and comic strip characters, all especially printed for the Fair.

Source: Prensa Latina

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