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Virtual Library
The 5th Ibero-American Colloquium "From the Papyrus to the Virtual Library", summoned by Casa de las Americas, will be taking place from March 12th-16th, 2007. This event will deal with the role of the libraries, archives and museums within the Information Society. Several librarians, archivists, curators, information specialists, writers, editors and researchers have been invited to reflect on the history, the present and future of the libraries in the world.

Among the main topics are:
- The administration modern systems used in the libraries, archives and museums, such as: planning, management, evaluation and quality of the services and products in the libraries;
- The new information and communications technologies (ICT's) and its influece in libraries, archives and museums: hardware and softwares for the libraries. Public Software vs. Propietary Software. The CD-ISIS;
- Archives, Museums and Digital and Virtual Libraries: two modern entities within Information Sciences;
- The Web: a possibility of providing information services in libraries, archives and museums;
- Preserving and keeping the information in digital support;
- Digitalization;
- Training librarians, archivists and curators within the context of the Information and Knoledge Society;

Work Presentations

The professional program includes debates, round tables, workshops and lectures.

The works should not exceed 10 pages (each page containing 30 lines and 60 characters) typed at two spaces. The participants should render the original work and two copies. The maximum time allowed for the presentation will be 20 minutes.

Registration and deadline

The registration quota will be $100.00 CUC, that will paid personally at Casa de las Americas. The Cubans will execute the payment this way, but in national currency. This quota includes the participation in cultural activities, collateral to the Colloquium, and the delivery of documents related to the event.

Casa de las Americas has an Academic Hostel, with reasonable prices. All the persons interested in participating may request reservations 30 days before their arrival. We have several travel agencies available.

Organizing Committee: Casa de las Americas Library [email protected]

Telephone Numbers: 552705 / 8326380

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