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1.    The twins Naomi and Lisa-KaindĂ© DĂ­az have managed to mix electronic music and Yoruba music.

2.    Alain PĂ©rez, defender of salsa, timba and Latin jazz. He has received the highest praise from music critics.

3.    Danay Suárez, considered the voice of the female Cuban hip hop

4.    Alex Cuba, this Cuban-Canadian already have in their hands three Latin Grammy Awards and two Juno Awards

5.    DaymĂ© Arocena, her music has strong African influences

6.    Ray Fernández, troubadour whose characteristics are Cuban identity, the invitation to reflection and humor

7.    Diana Fuentes is one of the youngest singer-songwriters in Cuban trova

8.    Alfredito RodrĂ­guez Jr. In 2006 the musician played one of his arrangements to the legendary Quincy Jones, during his participation in the Montreux Jazz Festival

9.    HaydĂ©e MilanĂ©s, her style is compared to the American singer Norah Jones, shy and jazzy

10.     Harold LĂłpez-Nussa won first place in the competition for solo piano at the Montreux Jazz Festival, which gave him international fame and prestige.



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