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Cuba stands out among the countries with more scientific researches with ozone therapy and is among the first to regularize it in the world, which places it as an international leader, said an expert.  
Dr. Vivian Borroto, president of the organizing committee of the 5th Cuban-Mexican Ozone Therapy Congress and member of the national group of Natural and Traditional Medicine, under the Ministry of Public Health, said the event will be held from November 27 to 29 at Havana’s Riviera hotel.  
Scientists and researchers from Italy, Mexico, United States, Spain, Argentina, Turkey, Lebanon, Pakistan, Brazil, Costa Rica and Cuba, among other countries, will participate in the forum, in order to exchange on topics related to the legalization and proper use of this treatment.  
Persons of recognized national and international prestige will deepen on how to promote strategies in this field of medical sciences at the event, which motto is Regularization, Unity and Science Pro World Ozone Therapy.  
Researchers from Cuba, Mexico and elsewhere around the world will lecture on topics based on the latest research in these countries, and will also be a suitable framework for assessing how to implement them in Cuba.



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