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An editorial in The New York Times on the Cuban issue, from today August 3, calls again for the lifting of the US embargo. Starts recalling that "In 1962,the year in which Bob Dylan released his first album, Marilyn Monroe died of an overdose and Nelson Mandela was imprisoned, and in which the US government began imposing an economic embargo on Cuba." And asserts that "for decades, US presidents and lawmakers have tightened and sometimes loosened the embargo" and "laws and regulations" are "frozen in time". After the restoration of diplomatic relations between the two countries, the editorial says that "a significant majority of Americans want to repeal the embargo" and asks Congress to stop being the reason that hinders US policy toward Cuba. It appoints lawmakers that in recent weeks have called for the lifting, as Tom Emmer, Republican of Minnesota, and Kathy Castor, Democrat of Florida, who presented a bill and the adoption of amendments by the Committee on Appropriations of the Senate that would allow Americans to travel to Cuba. Finally, the newspaper repeats Hillary Clinton´s call at the International University of Florida, on Friday, where she urged Congress to end the embargo, pointing out that "Cubans want wider contact with the United States."


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