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Institutions of higher education as the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School, Stanford University's Graduate School of Business and University of Southern California's Marshall School of Business are eager to attract fresh talent from a market out of their reach until now.
"The Cuban market is attractive because the higher education system of that country is reputed to develop students who are strong in math and science, especially in health care, and that is combined with a desire to interact with the world through the new opportunities offered by the United States," said Derrick Bolton, director of admissions for Masters in Business Administration and Associate Dean of Stanford.
The teachers of these centers cited as impediments the weak technological and financial infrastructure of the island, making it difficult to jump-start calendars and plans. They also believe that the Cuban government may be reluctant to allow their students, trained in a communist system, to know capitalism in depth.
As the first step of the recruitment, American universities are working to open exam centers on the island. The Graduate Management Admission Council, which administers the GMAT, main entrance exam in business schools, said it is investigating the number of interested candidates and the logistics. A handful of Cuban students have undergone this test in other countries.


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