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Mobile telephony in Cuba exceeded three million users in April, according to data provided exclusively to Juventud Rebelde newspaper by the T elecommunications Company of Cuba (ETECSA by its Spanish acronym).
This organization aims to grow annually since 2015 and up to 2018 at some 800 000 new cell lines, published the Official Gazette in its ordinary 16th edition, this year. The figure expected this year reached almost half mainly thanks to the promotion: Win $30 if activate.
In Cuba coverage of the mobile network is still under development and already reaches 74.35 percent of the national territory, giving coverage to 83.63 percent of the population, said ETECSA’s report.
In recent times ETECSA undertook a significant amount of commercial activities for the provision of its services. The report details the cost of national calls to receiving mobile was removed; the price of calls and text messages was reduced - still high according to popular opinion-; recharge cards are now sold for lower price; the life cycle of the mobile line is of 330 days, and Nauta email access was activated from these devices.



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