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Russian cargo ship Progress M-27M that deviated from its orbit after being launched a week ago bound for the International Space Station, broke up this morning. “According to the national space monitoring system, the spaceship entered the dense layers of the atmosphere and burned”, said Russian space agency Roscosmos.


It was reported last Tuesday that the wreckage would fall in the Atlantic Ocean, about 1,600 kilometres from Cuba, on Saturday May 9. However, the Russian agency rectified this Thursday announcing the new location in the Pacific.


All attempts to regain control of the automatic ship, which should take to the International Space Station about 2.5 tons of supplies-fuel, oxygen, food, scientific equipment- were unsuccessful.

Progress aircrafts, which have been used for 35 years, are one of the great prides of the Russian aerospace industry, with an almost impeccable record. Until now they had only been in an accident in August 2011, caused by a failure of the carrier rocket.

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