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What has long been a longing or silent utopia of a few, it is already an approved reality. The first four American ferry trips companies have been approved by the Treasury Department of the United States to travel to Cuba. This - along with the proposal to exclude Cuba from the list of terrorism sponsoring countries- is the second strong step for tightening relations between the two neighbouring countries.
Baja Ferries USA, Havana Ferry Partners, United Caribbean Lines and Airline Brokers are the pioneers companies that will be responsible for opening the desired route. About three hours of travel, comfort conditions, greater luggage capacity and prices that hover around just under three hundred dollars, make this option a very attractive new route connecting Florida and Havana that will change the tourism landscape of the Caribbean island and even the appearance of its ports.
The Treasury Department give details on its website of those who will be authorized to travel by ferry: Cuban and third country citizens with valid entry visa to the United States, representatives of countries or intergovernmental organizations of which the United States is member or observer, and for business trips. It will also include all persons whose travel document is a diplomatic passport and close relatives.

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