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This Wednesday October 8, the VI Leo Brouwer Festival will offer a concert in honor of the Paraguayan guitarist Agustin Barrios "Mangore" (1885-1944). Berta Rojas will host the concert based on Martí theater.

Berta Rojas, nominated for the 2014 Latin Grammy for Best Classical Music Album and recognized by critics as one of the best classical guitar performers in Latin America, will perform with other artists like Spanish Ricardo Gallén and Cuban Joshua Tacoronte.

The Chamber Orchestra of Havana with Master Dayana Garcia directing complete the list of musicians, playing with clarinetist Aristides Porto. On his visit to Cuba, Rojas explained that this is her 19th stop out of 20 countries that Mangoré toured, a name that refers to a legendary Guarani chief who died of love; Berta journey has tried to fill in the last four years.

Agustín Pío Barrios, also known as Nitsuga Mangoré, is considered one of the most important Hispanic composers of the twentieth century and has been recognized by Paraguayan music out to the world.

More than 300 artists from 14 nations participate in this sixth and last edition of Leo Brouwer Festival, Leo said it has given no reason for boredom in these two weeks of busy schedule.

Source: ACN

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