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Nearly one hundred Salvadorian medical doctors graduated at the Havana-based Latin American School of Medicine held the first meeting of the recently created Association of Medical Professionals Graduated in Cuba.

Association president Patricia Alvares said that the doctors will be able to carry out their professional work and have juridical support, as well as participate in the general health reforms underway in El Salvador.

In statements to PL news agency, the medical doctor said that the association will focus on the improvement of labor capacities, contribute to the training of the new professionals that come back home after having finished their medical studies.

Cuban ambassador to El Salvador, Iliana Fonseca, recalled that UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon recently visited Cuba, where described the Latin American School of Medicine as the most developed center of its kind in the world.

The school was created in 1999, and had its first graduation in August 2005, which included 119 Salvadorian medical doctors. Since then, over 900 Salvadorians have graduated from the school and many of them are offering their services in different zones of the Central American nation.

Source: ACN

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