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On the eve of Valentine's Day , Cubacel advertise promotion: Double Bonus to Cuba , the offer will be in effect from February 10, 2014 at 00:01 ( Cuba local time ) until 13 February at 23.59 ( Cuba local time ) .

Valentine 's Day is the perfect occasion for this offer, also offers 50 SMS to Send to Cuba , for every recharge ​​(+ the double bonus) .

Clients from Europe will have to wait at 6 am on 10th February and can pay in euro:

Clients from United States, Canada, Mexico and other countries in Latin America can recharge in dollar:

Terms and conditions ( T & C):
Cubacel Cuba ( bonus X2 ) The period of this promotion is from January 14, 2013 at 00.01 ( in Cuba ) until January 17 at 23:59 pm ( in Cuba ) .

The promotion applies to recharges received from client Cubacel 20CUC to 50 CUC. Both the nominal recharge bonus as no consumption limit . The voucher can be used on all services available to prepaid customers Cubacel the same rates available to prepaid customers .

The life cycle of the balance depends only on the value recharged without taking into account the additional bonus . The life cycle varies between 180 days (for refills 29.99 CUC to 20 CUC ) and 330 days (for higher ups to 40 CUC). In all cases , the customer has 30 additional days to recharge before the line expires.

This promotion is conducted by Cubacel . The bonus amount will be twice the value of the recharge , not the amount paid . The amount indicated on the ticket received confirmation of the recharge does not show the extra balance of promotion, however, the phone will receive the promotional balance .

For more T & C and for any queries contact Customer Service Cubacel on +53 52642266

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