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  • Submitted by: lena campos
  • 12 / 22 / 2013

President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, said he traveled to Cuba to commemorate the 19 years of the encounter between Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro and nine in the creation of the Bolivarian Alternative for People of Our America (ALBA).

"I traveled to Cuba and Fidel visited by the 19 years of the historic meeting between him and Chavez and 9 years of Alba", wrote this weekend the Venezuelan leader on his Twitter account.

He also commented that he gave the leader of the Cuban Revolution a book about Simon Bolivar, El Libertador, written by the independence Brigadier General Daniel Florencio O'Leary.

"I brought him as a gift the complete works of General O'Leary on our Liberator, reminding Chavez spoke at length", he said in a second message.

And he added, "Here is the Commander Fidel analyzing the map of the Gran Mariscal Sucre with which he led the Battle of Ayacucho."

Maduro accompanied the texts in the social network with photos of the game, in which Fidel Castro is seen observing detailed map of Mariscal Sucre.

Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro met for the first time in Cuba in 1994 , when the Venezuelan Commander as the island was invited to give a lecture on the Bolivarian Revolutionary-200 (MBR-200) Movement.

Source: Prensa Latina

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