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Cuba announced a new nanotech-obtained formulation of cyclosporine, a medication known for its effective immunosuppressant action preventing the rejection by patients of transplanted organs.

The formulation was produced by experts with the Medications Research and Development Center, Granma newspaper reported on Saturday.

Technical Science Doctor Orestes Dario Lopez, who achieved the new product, explained that the initiative was based on a different design of the pharmaceutical fully soluble in water, where cyclosporine is dissolved in the form of nanoparticles within microcapsules.

Among the advantages of the pharmaceutical, the doctor said that administering a dose three times smaller than usual, you can achieve the same favorable effects as with any medication of this kind, which is largely being marketed in the world; at the same time, adverse reactions are considerably lowered.

The achievement was presented at the 4th International Nanoscience and Nanotech Seminar held this week in Havana with the attendance of scientists from 20 countries of the world

Source: Radio Cadena Agramonte

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