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  • 05 / 17 / 2012

More than a hundred artists from 18 countries will share the new Fair with the Cubans

The guitar will be reflected fully in the Cubadisco 2012International Fair, to be held in Havana from Saturday 19 to Sunday 27, the organizers told reporters on Wednesday.

Countless concerts, presentations of albums and lectures will verify the magnitude of an instrument so present in our sound, and recognize the worth of the melodic work in this part of the world.

The awards galas, scheduled for the nights this weekend at the Karl Marx Theater, will have that seal and in which the artists nominated for the prize granted by the event perform. The opening this Sunday will be led by the National Symphony orchestra, Sonantas Habaneras and the Guitars of Bavaria, Germany.

The same will happen with the presentation that will pay tribute to maestro Leo Brouwer (May 25) or in the long-awaited union of the Ars Longa Ancient Music Ensemble and the Compay Segundo group (22nd). The last three concerts will be in the Covarrubias room of the National Theatre.
At the International Symposium, from the 21st to 25th in the Center for Research and Development of Cuban Music, they will offer a touch of the imprint left on our music by the likes of Nico Rojas, Compay Segundo and Vicente Gonzalez "Guyún." They will also talk about the important work of guitarists like Leo Brouwer and Clara Incola, and composer Cesar Portillo de la Luz, among others.

The most important phonographic event in the Island will be attended by more than a hundred foreign artists from 18 countries. Accompanying their Cuban colleagues are guitarists Walter Abt (Germany) and Yamandú Costa (Brazil), singers Giannluca Gringnanni (Italy) and Malena Muyala (Uruguay), the Puerto Rican Tony Mapeyé and his group and Paraguayan harpist and violinist Carlos Reyes.

Source: Juventud Rebelde

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