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Cuba is building a center for scorpion management in the eastern city of Bayamo with the objective of increasing the extraction of its venom which is the basic component of an anti cancer medication produced in Cuba.

The installation, under management of the Pharmaceutical and Chemical Production Center, LABIOFAM, will provide dwellings to over 20 000 scorpions, almost four-fold the current amount in captivity in the province of Granma.

In statements to the Cuban News Agency, Ismael Morea head of LABIOFAM’s provincial branch said that the center will have better conditions to manage the Rhopalurus junceus, a scorpion variety endemic to Cuba. The Center will have a reception, quarantine, development and extraction, and production areas.

He explained that this will allow an increase in the extraction of the toxin concentrated in the scorpion and deliver larger amounts to the national laboratory where the Vidatox is produced. The Vidatox is a homeopathic medication against cancer that has the venom as its essential ingredient.

In addition it will benefit the capture and attention of the animal until returned to its environment. Mora stressed that the scorpion is never killed and those born in captivity are released in its habitat until it grows into an adequate size in order to protect the species and guarantee the extract of the venom.

Known internationally for its anti inflammatory, analgesic and anti expansion properties, the venom of the Rhopalurus junceus scorpion is considered important in the fight against cancer, improving the quality of life of patients suffering the ailment.

Source: Radio Habana Cuba

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