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Cuban scientists are collaborating with Caribbean countries in the protection of amphibians, mainly those endangered species, said Ansel Fong, an expert of the Eastern Ecosystem and Biodiversity Center (BIOECO).

  In remarks to Prensa Latina, the expert in reptiles and amphibians said the amphibians are increasingly declining worldwide, and in the region they need to be given priority attention, including their farming in captivity.

Fong cited the Workshop on Off-Site Protection and Farming of Amphibians, recently held in the Dominican Republic and attended by specialists from Cuba, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Mexico, Trinidad and Tobago and Dominica.

The main contribution of the experts from the Museum of Natural History, the National Zoo and BIOECO were their experience in off-site farming and protection of Cuban threatened endemic amphibians, like the long-nosed toad (Peltophrine longinasa), as well as in the provision of live food to animals in captivity.

The event was sponsored by the AmphibianArk, an initiative for the protection of these species, promoted by the global community in charge of that environmentalist mission.

Three international organizations are involved in this effort that envisages keeping these endangered animals in captivity until they can be released safely.

Cuba, Haiti, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico are the countries with the highest percentages of endangered or extinct amphibian species, according to AmphibianArk.

Fuente: Prensa Latina

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