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Renowned Cuban principal dancer José Manuel Carreño has come back to his home town for two performances with the Spanish Ballet of Cuba.

The two shows are scheduled for Havana’s Grand Theater on Thursday and Friday and will feature the former American Ballet Theater star in the part of José, Spanish Ballet of Cuba principals Graciela Santana in the role of Carmen and Leslie Ung in the part of Micaela.

At a Havana news conference, Carreño said that this was the right time to do something different after being 16 years with the American Ballet Theater, from which he retired in June, 2011, adding that he had never had the opportunity to do flamenco, which he had the desire to but never had the opportunity for being busy with ABT and other things.

Carreño noted that he was planning to be dancing for another two or three years before retiring from active dancing, reason for which he wants to explore and experience everything he can do.

In flamenco you have to be on the ground, which is completely different from ballet, added the Cuban star.

Winding up the new conference, the famous Cuban dancer said he wants to come back to take part at Havana’s Ballet Festival late this year with something he has never decided yet.

Fuente: Radio Habana Cuba

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