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Cienfuegos experts presented a project called scenarios of danger and vulnerability with which they intend to tackle climate change and sea level rise that is forecast for the years 2050 and 2100.
Doctor of Science Neice Hernandez Garcia, head of the Provincial Group for the Study of Hazards, Vulnerability and Risk in an interview with Granma believes that fact is the most comprehensive tool for improvement of environmental and land use, from the scientific point of view and organization.

Research Group provided and are consistent with assessments of the first to be damaged, a possible scenario of sea level rise would be the slums of the Pearl of the South, says the scientist Roberto Gomez Brito.

Gomez explains that, according to the estimated losses would also lower areas of some municipalities.

According to the analysis, and was withdrawn in Cumanayagua Yaguanabo settlement, from the beach to higher ground, with new construction and resistant to the onslaught of hurricanes.

The mapping of this map of vulnerabilities associated with hydrometeorological phenomena is just one of the several paths through which passes a coordinated effort by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment, rectorada by the party and government, which involves all agencies without exception.

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