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The Metropolitan Park Almendares made a million years back in history and has come back to the era of dinosaurs. Over thirty specimens from Venezuela electromechanical are displayed to the audience eager to see the exhibition.
Children, youth, adults, families invade the tropical forest of 700 hectares, where they are installed, to size, these fossil reptiles. Extinct for more than 65 million years, continue attracting the curiosity of man.

"Follow the path of the dinosaurs," reads a sign at the entrance.

In this capital dinosaurs are mandatory topic of conversation. The day before, the park remained overflowing with an audience that challenge the intense sun to not miss.

Seem real, live, move, roar, says amazed Jandy, a 10 year old boy who came to the exhibition with an encyclopedia on popular reptiles under his arm. My dream, he said, is to become a paleontologist.

There are 34 pieces of various species, including 15 animatronic, among which the tiranousario Rex, weighing an estimated four to eight tons. Nearby, lying on the ground bleeding, lies the triceratops.

Images from the movie Jurassic Park, Steven Spielberg, seem to revive in some of the visitors.

The group proposes a trip to the ancestors to see or imagine as were the Gallimimus-the first issue that opens the exhibition-the ritosaurus, the sabinosaurio, the pachycephalosaurs, the Stegosaurus.

Open on Thursday last, the collection Dinosaurs in the park has become an event. Elizabeth Salas, a specialist in Social Communication of the park, told Prensa Latina that in one day and a half have attended more than six thousand people.

For 25 minutes small groups led by a guide make their journey to ancient times and are interconnected to a museum where a specialist provides details on the origin of life on earth, periods Precambrian, Paleozoic and Mesozoic, and the story about extinction of these animals.

It is the same collection exhibited in 2011 in Caracas park The Caobos. In Cuba began the journey to be undertaken by the world after his stay here until September.

The main purpose of the exhibition is a call to save the planet and the human race, the organizers highlight.

For six months the habaneros will be able to attend the exhibition and over again. The first will be Jandy, who plans to return this weekend in the company of friends fans these reptiles.

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