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The Ballet Nacional de Cuba (BNC) held a gala at the school of this art danzario, which celebrated 50 years of existence. The show was chaired by the prima ballerina Alicia Alonso who along with Fernando and Alberto Alonso created the institution.

In the great theater of Havana, students, teachers and dance lovers gathered yesterday to celebrate the tenacious work of the National Ballet School, which has become the cultural heritage of the Cuban people.

With eloquent words, the prima ballerina of the BNC Yanela Piñera congratulated faculty who heads Ramona Zaa and expressed pride at having come from a recognized worldwide.

On behalf of the school, the teacher Mirtha Hermida highlighted how the Cuban school has become the standard paradigm that distinguishes it from other schools, styles and geographic latitudes.

It's a stylistic phenomenon of the 20th century, which all are a part, said to mean then that has also been the ideal way to dignify culturally, with a stamp of authenticity and unique.

With the parade before a group of graduates in the ranking number 50, the BNC gave the comedy-ballet The Magic Flute, choreography by Alonso on the play by Lev Ivanov.

Young and vigorous dancers, followers of the legacy of a generation that set guidelines on broad-ranging dance Cuban history, displayed their best qualities in the tribute.

In five decades, the National Ballet School has graduated thousands of boys from different parts of the country, regardless of their origin, but the talent as the main currency.

Its current capital headquarters, now under restoration, was delivered in 2001 by the leader of the Revolution, Fidel Castro.

It continues to work with great rigor for the sake of teaching artistic excellence.

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