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At the trade fair the Cuban laboratory Expocomer Panama Labiofam present your product biotherapy homeopathic Vidatox 30 CH, effective in the treatment of cancer patients to improve their quality of life and even prolong it.

Researcher Maria Perez Rule Capote, stand in front of the main Labiofam exhibition of Panama, explained details of the anticancer drug that is made from the Cuban scorpion venom extracted Rhopalurus junceus which is used in over 60 countries.

For this edition of Expocomer explains, Labiofam brings new products to the market, as the very Vidatox 30 CH we propose as a complementary option for the treatment of cancer.

It is a drug developed neopático from endemic Cuban scorpion venom which has important benefits from the therapeutic point of view with high antitumor, analgesic, antiinflammatory and antimetastatic.

Capote Perez said one of the objectives of the product is to prolong life in cancer patients, but with quality, CULA has been achieved after 15 years of research of the drug that already has health record in Cuba,

This category also just get in Guatemala and we are developing a display for presentation and registration process in 120 countries from all continents, added the interviewee.

Reported that Vidatox is being marketed in Cuba and soon begin to be distributed in Guatemala, with the security and assurances required in these cases. From the clinical point of view we have abundant evidence of their effectiveness, he said.

At present more than 60 000 patients consume it between clinical outcomes and outstanding cited reduction of patient pain, return to social life, appetite stimulation, decreased symptoms and pathology associated with restoration of haematological parameters.

He said there are patients who have reduced tumor markers, other values ​​have been reduced several of the disease and all this has resulted in improving the quality of life.

Even rather there are cases of patients in whom life have been extended beyond what is commonly established.

In Expocomer said, we are also introducing other new products such as nutritional supplements line of eight after spirulina Cuban, and cosmetic application involving the face and body that has been very well received.

Our spirulina, he said, is a blue-green alga with a very special puees composition has 60 to 70 percent protein and also takes into account all the vitamins except for C in adequate amounts, including those recommended for daily intake.

It also has a broad composition of minerals and other elements, ie, a major composition offers from the physiological point of view and restorer of major agency capabilities, said the specialist.

Expocomer is important to us, he concluded, because it allows us to introduce our products in the markets of countries converge here and others that operate the 500 companies represented at the fair.

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