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From 21 to 23 March will be held in Camagüey Meteorological Regional Workshop which discussed the effects of climate change to life on Earth.

In greeting the world day of that science, March 23, meteorologists from the central-eastern provinces of Cuba, to Guantanamo from Villa Clara, Cienfuegos and except Granma, will present their findings in research on the impact of climate variability .

This event is held every March 23 since 1950, as a reminder of the agreement creating the World Meteorological Organization, the UN body to ensure international cooperation in this matter.

The contribution of meteorology to food security, increasing natural disasters and the effects of solar radiation, will be among the topics to discuss, told AIN Rene Esteban, president of the subsidiary Camagüey Meteorological Society of Cuba (SOMETCUBA).

Professor Luis Ramos Guadalupe, a member of the Academy of Sciences and historian, will open the meeting with a conference on moments that marked milestone in the evolution of this discipline in the country.

Along with experienced professionals in the industry, the event will assist young people with scientific research results and thesis, applied in practice in the stations of the region.

Frank Garcia Parrado, just graduated as a meteorologist and member of the Atmospheric Optics Group of the Meteorological Center of Camagüey province, said the appointment is an opportunity to exchange with other colleagues and excel professionally.

The workshop will be held at the Office of the Historian of the capital, will also further the publication of the papers through the website SOMETCUBA in the territory.

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