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The protection of the reef zones is a measure of ecological and strategic, as well as providing food and shelter for many organisms is also the habitat of various species of commercial interest.
Provide even raw materials for the production of pharmaceuticals and medical products, and provide adequate space for rare or threatened living things can survive.
What's more, due to its high diversity, colorful and intricate architecture, have high aesthetic value and for that reason are many opportunities for recreation and tourist attraction.
Both corals algae and mollusks associated to this ecosystem generate calcium carbonate and therefore offer a sandy beaches.
At the same time, protect the coast from severe erosion caused by waves associated with cold fronts, depressions, storms and hurricanes, by the natural barriers formed in some areas large amount of energy dissipated.
Perhaps his only main enemy is the turbidity of the water and sediment particles, when deposited on polyps or bumps, prevent photosynthesis of algae and plankton capture.
A subject matter expert, Dr. Julio A. Baisre, warns of the particular dredging and clearing of coastal mangrove forests and rivers BRING it possible for large amounts of sediment to the sea and cause organic pollution.
The latter are the most serious threats to reefs and means the destruction involving the avalanche of agricultural waste, industrial and household of various types, explains in his book Baisre life at sea, from the collection Outreach.
But also affect the anchors of the boats, divers careless breaking coral branches when they make their collections, regardless if they are snails, starfish and coral pieces.
To top it off, are also sensitive to overfishing or overexploitation of some species that play a key role in the structures of such communities.
The death of a coral reef is covered with algae and skeleton begins to be invaded by boring organisms that gradually weaken.
So that a honeycomb-like structure, such as reef begins to disintegrate due to the force of the waves and finally collapses. Thus emerges the bare area and almost deserted.
Such an image does not differ at all when we cut down a forest and rain erode the soil denuded landscape to become once diverse and majestic, rather lifeless.

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