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Guanahacabibes Peninsula has a high tourist traffic for its varied species of birds including terrestrial, marine and aquatic number about 200, give this western region of the island a unique natural attraction.

Accompanied by guides, visitors walk along forest trails in search of tocororo, partridge and pigeon zunzuncito, tiny sample of just seven centimeters in height, told Prensa Latina Abel Rojas, specialist National Park located on this land.

This, he added an option in high demand, together with the observation of sea turtles that nest in the dunes of the remote location from May to September.

That territory was declared a Biosphere Reserve, is considered one of the largest migratory bird corridors of the Caribbean area.

Most travelers arrive in the karst plain across the Mississippi River route to avoid the rigors of winter.

Referring to said features, which usually have small size and colors, some very striking and although they live mainly in wooded areas are also found in gardens and patios.

In Guanahacabibes occupy the entire mosaic of vegetation for temporarily inhabit forests, mangroves, swamp flora and vegetation of coast where regain strength to continue the journey of migration, said the biologist Alina Perez.

These days abound in the lagoons of Guanahacabibes varieties of ducks from North America, while on the north coast looming pink flamingos, white coconut and other striking examples of native and exotic birds.

The biodiversity of the peninsula, along with stunning views of beaches and cliffs, catch the eye of scientists and nature lovers.

Among the surrounding islets, fell Sad you great frigate bird colony and the presence of brown pelicans.

Guanahacabibes ecosystems classified as bird sanctuaries very well preserved, belonging to a stage almost untouched, said Rojas.

Protected by conservation projects-said-the birds are subject to systematic monitoring, enriched studies sponsored by the Global Fund for the Environment.

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