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The excavation is being conducted in Camagüey with the cooperation of foreign experts in the region where supposedly founded the Villa de Santa María del Puerto del Príncipe found a fragment of a ceramic bowl of the sixteenth century, the first finding cosntituyendo team .

Evidence that green glaze material corresponds to a type of vessel called basin and discovered a group of researchers from Colombia, Argentina and Cuba on the site adjacent to the bay where an estimated Nuevitas settlement was erected in 1514 or 1515.

The object was detected at shallow depth in a borehole 10 by 20 meter area, told AIN the master Iosvany Hernandez, head of the Archaeology Department of the Office of the Historian of the City of Camagüey (OHCC), sponsor of the project .

Screening coordinator, Hernandez confirmed the view that the area on a hill coast, was not abandoned entirely with the relocation of the town, and remained occupied until a stage of the nineteenth century, with ascents and declines in the index population.

Previous research in the referred period, known as Pueblo Viejo, located indocubanos European and testimony but never fingerprints or samples foundational material properties.

The preparatory phase of this work included actions such as using remote sensing means, which revealed the existence of human waste underground.

Scheduled throughout March, the expedition also includes the Cuban members of the Archaeology Department of the Office of the Historian of Havana City.

Santa María del Puerto del Principe was transferred to Caonao, and thence in 1528 to the final location, Mediterranean in a vast plain watered by rivers and streams.

27 years and four seasons, Garcia spaced nine hits, struck out three and gave up a walk to earn his first milk of the campaign in a duel with one of the best lefties in Cuban baseball today, young Julio Alfredo Martínez (4 -7).

This allowed the pupils Luis Suarez save the honor to the pativerdes (33-34), placed fourth in the Western Conference playoff, while Giraldillos march in sixth place (27-36).

Industrialists also beat the other cast of the capital, with a score of 4-2 on Guantanamo to win the Latin American sub-series in the park.

Frank rights Monthiet (5-3) and Antonio Armando Romero (6 points per game saved) undertook to deal a blow to the Indians of Guaso in the lawsuit that he lost another right-handed, Douglas Lafargue (4-3), Role relay.

Tomas Yasmani homer with outstanding Yoandri Urgelles won the game that kept the Blues (40-26) first, along with the Matanzas (40-26) in the West.

In the day 5-1 to beat Artemis Isle of Youth, Sancti Spiritus 16-4 to Holguin and Camaguey, Ciego de Avila and Villa Clara to Las Tunas by the same margin, 2-1 scores.

The latter result led to a tie again between Orange and Lumberjacks in the leadership of the east.

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