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The effectiveness of the work of Holguin in compliance with environmental regulations has placed the province among the first areas of the country to achieve a healthier environment.

This achievement shared with Santiago de Cuba, Camagüey and Granma, was released Monday after the evaluation by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment, which joins other made in 2011 in favor of this vital activity in open promotion.

Israel Mayo, delegate of the agency in the territory, told AIN that these provinces implemented 65 percent of the regulatory measures of greater importance in the island, which is a stimulus to enhance progress in an area where many agencies involved and population.

He said between developments in the province, the reduction in 2.9 percent of the organic pollution load of liquid waste disposed above the planned purpose for the country that was one percent and was the most decreased.

This relief of 264 tons, said Mayo, favored ecosystems such as river basins Cauto Mayari and Sagua, the highlands and the coastal area of ​​Holguin.

Also, he said, the benefit of over nine thousand acres as part of conservation and soil improvement, key in the fight against desertification and drought in the province.

Also stressed that recovered 457, 4 tons of waste oils, which represent 31 percent of the total rescued by the country, the best balance nationwide.

The removal of greenhouse gases affecting the ozone layer, said Peña Norelis responsible for this activity, had good performance when six companies of the territory received national recognition in the category Free Chlorofluorocarbons and eleven advanced in shaping the record .

In addition Holguin met the Action Plan proposed Environmental Education and was recognized as the most prominent in this area, Norkis said Ochoa, specialist of the provincial delegation of CITMA.

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