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The Aula Magna of the University of Havana was the space where X was inaugurated the International Conference on Operational Research (ICOR), which involved 180 mathematicians from different countries to discuss current issues in science.

As of March 9, delegates from 24 countries in Asia, Europe and America will meet in the hotel Habana Riviera to share about modeling, computational solutions and practical applications, among other issues.

Luis Ramiro Piñeiro, dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science at UH, said that this year will be presented about 130 papers, which address regional problems such as dengue, management and effective control, based on mathematical tools.

National participation reflects the will of the Cuban researchers address important issues for the Island in the field of medicine, environmental conservation and wise use of resources, he said.

Is also president of the Cuban Society of Mathematics and Computer Science said that the links work, projects and scientific networks designed for the nine previous editions validate the significance of this event for the development of scientific activity.

Sira Allende Alonso, president of the Organizing Committee, told reporters that this is an area of ​​knowledge-eminently, which brings together interdisciplinary methods, mathematical models and algorithms to analyze systems and contribute to decision making.

He added that this discipline has a broad spectrum, applicable in areas such as resource allocation, industrial systems, the dynamics of populations and epidemics, which are analyzed by the statistics, in order to achieve better control of their dynamics .

According to the scientific program, the event will include seven plenary lectures and 10 main, which will address topics related to optimization, finance, medicine and economics, among others.

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