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Plant Biotechnology in Ciego de Avila added a step closer to his merit list after achieving the reproduction of eucalyptus plantlets, made first reached in the province.

The engineer Yalina Iris Hernandez, director of the biofactory, said that adaptation already in the first five thousand seedlings, and the same figure passes through the multiplication phase in laboratories as a result of the joint entity with Integral Forestal the territory.

Granma referred to the buds show excellent vegetative state and will remain 90 days in an area adjacent to the research center, before being transferred to the field.

The engineer Eusebio Rosales Ordóñez, Technical Manager of Forest Enterprise productive Comprehensive Ciego de Avila, said that since that entity has the right place to promote this type of planting, harvesting high demand for tobacco, to be suitable for cujes in the process of drying and curing of the aromatic leaf.

Avilanian The research center is also engaged in the production of in vitro cultures of banana and introduce in the coming months yam, taro and sweet potato, whose advantages include rapid reproduction and obtaining disease-free clones and high production potential .

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