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In the region of Camaguey Cuban archaeologists along with colleagues from Argentina and Colombia make excavations at the site where the suspect was founded the Villa de Santa María del Puerto del Principe in the sixteenth century.

Organized by the Archaeology Department of the Office of the Historian of the city, the group will leave on 29 to the city of Nuevitas, where a site about three miles away will develop a work estimated at one month.

The Master Iosvany Hernandez, coordinator of the screening, said to AIN undertaking this task.

Research undertaken by other institutions never contributed original material evidence of site built, according to tradition, February 2, 1514, and in June or July of 1515, according to assumptions also controversial.

These investigations reported indigenous testimonies and Hispanic century after the incorporation of the settlement.

The area lies at an elevation coastal and was not totally abandoned with the transfer of the town to Caonao, and thence in 1528 to the current location, said Hernandez.

It is estimated that the point remained inhabited until the first half of the nineteenth century, added the speaker.

  fertility archaeological site where remote sensing techniques revealed the existence of human waste underground.

On examination will represent Cuba specialists of that entity's Cabinet and homologous Office of the Historian of Havana City, among others.

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