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Solar energy is used to generate electricity through solar panels. These kits are produced in the municipality of the province Caimito Artemis Base Business Unit (BSU) Gedeme Power, with the use of the island and exported.

Urra Leonel Gonzalez, foreman of the UEB, exclusively explained to AIN joining General Distribution Centers (CGD), motor control, forces boards, board rooms, and for the protection of climate and supply pumps water, among others.

He said that the production of such equipment, designed with low voltage from 2-3000 200 amps, depends on both the demand and raw materials, and therefore there are months of high-income and January 2012 with about half a million pesos .

In addition to meeting needs in Cuba and abroad, Urra Gonzalez noted that this year will create designs and assembled panels that already have contracts in Venezuela, in order to diversify the services and exceed previous annual income of more than three million pesos.

According to Virgil Denis, investor Molecular Immunology Center of Havana, is very good quality of CGD installed in the state, some of which already exceed to18 years of operation, without causing accidents or power outages.

The UEB Caimito part of the 120 branches it has in the world the French firm Schneider, a provider of raw materials, which every year and hereby certifies the effectiveness of the product produced on the island, said Vladimir Lopez, technical control quality in the center.

Meanwhile, the youngest of the nine workers from the UEB, Osvaldo Cardentey said assumed responsibility as editor C by placing the brequer in place, delivery, sinks, neutral, and countless pieces, being accurate and patient work, he said .

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