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In the framework of the International Book Fair of Havana presented the text entitled Nuclear Energy: Environmental Danger or Solution for the 21st Century Author Fidel Castro Diaz-Balart, who talks about the impact of nuclear energy in the development of humanity .
 Humanity depends on close 80 percent of energy sources such as coal, oil and gas, said Castro Diaz-Balart at the launch of the sixth edition of this volume, published for the first time in English.
 The author noted that these sources not only have the negative impact of environmental pollution and lead to global warming and climate change, but are doomed to disappear in the coming decades.
 He also acknowledged that more than one billion people worldwide lacking centralized power system and depend for their livelihood biomass causing deforestation.
 In response to this reality, the book presented today allowed the author to aggregate new applications of nuclear energy, said the editorial director of the Mexican Lake Publishing, responsible for the publication, Jose Luis Serrato.
 Serrato said that despite the negative image that moves public opinion on nuclear energy use, it has applications in medicine, economics, hydrology, agriculture, livestock, sugar industry and other branches.
 Therefore, according to the engineer Fidel Santana, the book addresses since the discovery of that energy and provides a comprehensive overview of the development of an industry that is based on nuclear reactors, a symbol of modernity.
 Santana said the affordable way with which the author addresses the issue of high scientific and technological complexity. It also meant the broad international impact that has had the book, published in its first editions in Spanish, Italian, French, Russian.

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