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The national grid has been connected from Santiago de Cuba a micro solar photovoltaic will be tested to measure its effectiveness in conditions in the tropical climate and see if the results are good for general use in the island.

Ruben Ramos, director of the Solar Energy Research (CIES)-institution pilot, told reporters that in its first stage is injected into the network 7.5 kilowatts from 30 solar panels.

During the current year, aim to double the power and generate about 70 kilowatts of daily energy per day, he added.

Among the benefits, highlighted the implementation of a monitoring system for training staff from other institutions to experience the new technology, backed by its effectiveness in Germany, USA, China, Japan and Spain, among others.

Under the conditions of Cuba, he said Ramos, there is a significant energy potential that can be obtained directly from solar radiation, which allows to develop technological solutions to replace traditional fossil fuels.

This means a contribution to the national economy and greater benefits for environmental protection.

No history of studies of this kind on the island, the CIES has specialized equipment for monitoring, including automated systems for data acquisition, measuring the behavior of modules, among others, that allow, for example, determine the amount of CO2 which is allowed to emit into the atmosphere.

As indicated by Ramos, will recognize the benefits of this alternative, to master it and certify it with a view to its subsequent spread throughout the country.

Israel Hernandez, technical networks Provincial Power Company, said that with the meter installation, you can measure the energy consumed and supplied to the national grid.

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