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Princess Alix de Foresta Attends Reopening of Havana’s Napoleonic Museum

03 / 31 / 2011

2011.03.30 - 15:32:07 / Princess Alix de Foresta Attends Reopening of Havana’s Napoleonic Museum. Havana, Cuba.- Havana’s Napoleonic Museum was re-inaugurated on Tuesday in Havana with the presence of Princess Alix de Foresta, who donated porcelain pieces to the prestigious Cuban institution.

The distinguished guest gave the museum part of a porcelain dinner service presented by Napoleon Bonaparte to his brother Jerome on his wedding day.

She assessed this gesture as an acknowledgement of the imperial family towards those who preserve this heritage.

French Napoleon Princess Alix de Foresta is the widow of Luis Marie Bonaparte, Napoleon Prince and descendant of King Jerome, the French Emperor’s youngest brother.

The mansion, named as the Sweet Dwelling by its owner, Italian-Cuban politician Orestes Ferrara, re-opened its doors after three years of restoration works. The institution treasures a collection of almost 8,000 pieces, like paintings, armors, sculptures and jewelry.  

In his speech during the reopening ceremony, Havana City Historian Eusebio Leal said that the building is one of the most valuable works of Cuban architects Evelio Govantes and Felix Cabarrocas.

He praised the works carried out to preserve the facility and the heritage its treasures, which were in charge of workers and specialists from the Cultural Heritage Department of the City Historian Office.

For his part, Frederic Dore, France’s ambassador to Havana, pointed out that the museum has one of the most beautiful collections of pieces related to Napoleon, brought by the Bonaparte followers that took refuge in Cuba.(ACN)

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