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Pintura Rgonzalez
Netherlands’ Artana gallery specializing in Latin American contemporary art, located in the centrally located street of Noordeinde, The Hague, is hosting a personal exhibit by Cuban plastic artist Roberto Gonzalez.

The exhibition entitled “Daily life Stories” will be on display until July 4. It includes 12 works following the same thread, with which the artist brings the attention to social phenomena and simple objects that are left forgotten by the dynamic of today’s interconnected world.

The Cuban ambassador to the Netherlands, Oscar de los Reyes, delivered the opening words of the inauguration. Present in the opening were other members of the Cuban diplomatic mission, local artists, politicians and friends with Cuba.

 Also, representatives of social and cultural organizations filled the gallery and showed great interest in the originality of the works and their excellent making.

“Daily Life Stories” arrived in Netherlands after being presented in the Lam gallery of the Cuban Diplomatic Office in Bonn, as part of the “Vaguada” cultural project.

The initiative seeks to promote the Cuban visual art in neighboring countries through the embassies of the island to those nations.

This is the third time in the past two years that the Cuban Embassy in The Hague makes a presentation of Cuban art in the ARTANA gallery as part of its cultural efforts.

Source: Cubarte Translation Staff

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