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 Luis Alberto Pérez Copperi and Camilo Salvador Díaz de Villalvilla Soto, two recognized young talents of the plastic in Cienfuegos, exhibit in The Cuban Art Space, a gallery belonging to the Centre for Cuban Studies, New York, United States of America.

They present their bi-personal exhibition Lenguaje privado (Private language), since this May and until coming 30 of June at the cultural institution, under the sponsorship of its director Sandra Levinson, who has been attracted for several years by the art of Copperi.

Luis Alberto traveled to the Big Apple to promote the pieces of both creators in this center, which is interested in spreading the art made in Cuba inside the USA, as well as educate the local public in the aspects, unknown for them, of the Cuban culture.

Villalvilla explained to JR that resides a long friendship among them, both artists are connected with aesthetic similarities in their universe of interests as part of the plastic world.

The catalog of Lenguaje privado emphasises in the immensity of the limits in the work of Copperi (1974) and in the force and sensibility of its ideas, while values the work of Villalvilla (1976) with revolutionary symbols, specially the Cuban flag.

Both artists have had a praiseworthy artistic production in their city and previously took part in personal and collective exhibitions in Cuba, Mexico, Spain, USA and other countries. Recently Villalvilla presented a personal exhibition in Tijuana.

By: Julio Martínez Molina, translation Rodney Lopez

Source: Cubarte

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