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After 25 years of having enjoyed the sweet voice of singer/songwriter Liuba María Hevia, her new CD "Puertas" is relased, which has taken longer than any of her previous albums, and brings together 13 songs composed in the course of 2002 to 2008.

Liuba, who seems to do all in her power in each CD, pays tribute in this production to her generation. She opens some doors of her childhood and youth.

She allows a closer look to her privacy...

You have indentified "Puertas" as an intimate and familiar CD... and there are two songs that are revealing in this regard:

"Con los hilos de la luna", dedicated to your grandfather and "Se busca"...

Family is core of so many things...

After a short pause, the "shyness" of a great talker unleashes:

"Con los hilos de la luna" is a tribute to grandparents through my grandfather. He was a man from Asturias who came to this island in love with the nature, people, but without losing the essence and it is wonderful. It is cool not losing your memory. I think I first met Asturias by his words, through the eyes of my grandfather.

I could go to Asturias the first times

I went to Spain, but when I could it was great. "Con los hilos de la luna" is also a tribute to migrants.

There is always some prejudice with the subject of migration. People move to different places for many reasons.

Migration is something very old in human beings, and so I wanted to pay tribute to them as well.

The song "Se busca" was not planned to be part of the CD. My mom knew everything in this CD except her song. I wrote it after her death and it is a guajira. It was though to record the song.

Unlike others, I enjoyed the voice work because I don't like recordings. I hardly recognize my own voice. One thing is when you feel the resonance of your voice and is singing live, and another is when you enter a record studio.

Everything flows naturally in front of the public. However, you must try to convey the emotions exactly as if you were performing live in a studio. But this time something happened in the studio, there was charm. Among other things, I guess my mom was there.

There are special guests in this CD...How do you invited them?

I met Luis (Represas) thanks to Miguelito (Nuñez) and I took profit of one of his visits to Cuba. We recorded with him in 2006 in the first part of the album. "Puertas" was recorded in three parts because I had to make two long stops for reasons of works -- national and international tours-- and family problems.

I had the good fortune of having those top musicians in jazz and classical music I admired but could not work normally. It's a CD where I'm not alone with my group for the first time, but other musicians are in and out constantly. Doors are open to
very dear guests.

So it happened with Ana Belén, who participates in the song "Tristeza". I composed this song after the shock I suffered when watching the film Suite Habana, a film of great filmmaker Fernando Pérez.

It was also the case of Asturian Hevia (Jose Angel) who plays the bagpipes in the song "Con los hilos de la luna".

I have awesome guests: Miguelito Nuñez (piano and vocals), Niurka González (flute), Anayza Núñez (harp), Yandy Martínez (bass), Roberto García, Alexander Abreu (trumpet), Ramses Rodriguez, Yaroldy Abreu and Tomas "Panga" Ramos (percussion)...

After such a long time making this album, do you feel it is like you dream? What are your expectations with the public?

It looks a lot like what I imagined and that is enough for an obsessive woman like me because I am never pleased with my work. You can not imagine how many things I would change in each of my CD, even in the best-known songs.

This CD is a child that arrives at a maturity age, fruit of a long love. It is not a surprise. Hopefully the public will understand and enjoy it.

By Maritza Ceballos Acosta

Source: Cubasi

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